Secret Pal Ideas for Teachers

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

Sign-up Sheet for #SecretSanta (Or #SecretPal)

Absolutely free and easy to download, here’s the sign-up sheet I designed for Secret Santa. You could also use it for a secret pal or office buddy program:

Printable Sign-up Sheet for Secret Pal or Secret Santa

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Summer Funny/Comical/Silly DIY Project for Your Secret Pal or Office Buddy

Check out this fun and silly DIY project I found on Pinterest! How easy is this to make for your secret pal or office buddy?

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Make Sun Cupcakes With Candy Corn

sun cupcakeSo your secret pal teacher friend has been having a tough time getting through his school days?

He needs a little sunshine in his life! Why not make these wonderful sun cupcakes I found on Pinterest? (That link will take you to the right page so you can re-pin, follow, or visit the original designer.)

Here’s a little springtime poem you can include with your cupcake:

When the sky is clear

We know spring is near

May this little sun

Bring you lots of fun

And plenty of springtime cheer

Remember, if you use my stuff, it’s always nice to show your appreciation! Like it. Tweet it. Tell a friend. Thanks!

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Secret Pal Birthday Card and Poem (Free and Printable)

Here’s a generic Secret Pal birthday card. It’s free to print, as it’s my own design. My only request? Please like it on Facebook, add a link from your blog, pin it on Pinterest (with info about where it came from), and/or promote my website in some other way that suits you. Thanks!

free printable pdf birthday poem quote card from secret pal

Image: My Own Creation

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April Showers Poem and Printable Card for Your Secret Pal

I created this card and poem, so you can print it and attach it to a package of Skittles for your secret pal in April. I always appreciate when my readers and followers “like” my freebies and/or link to my blog and/or promote my site in any other way you can. Thanks!

Printable April Card for Secret Pal Gift

Image: My Own Creation

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A DIY Umbrella for Your Secret Pal’s March Gift

DIY umbrella project

Image: iClipart

Next month I’ll be posting an “April Showers” poem and card for the secret pal idea of the month. To set the stage for that spring poem, consider making a DIY umbrella for your secret pal. At this time of year, umbrellas can be found at discount stores, so this could be a relatively inexpensive gift for your secret pal.

I did a little research on Pinterest, and here are some great DIY umbrella ideas that I ran across:

As spring approaches, you can’t go wrong with an umbrella for your secret pal gift. And as I said, watch for next month’s “April Showers” poem and printable card for your secret pal as a clever follow-up!

p.s. If you need the card and poem early, just message me through my “Contact” form page. I’d be happy to send it to you as an attachment!

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Heart Pincushions for February’s Secret Pal Gift (Great for Valentine’s Day)

This is another image I ran across on Pinterest, but it originally came from an article in Country Living magazine. That link will provide you with the instructions for creating these cute little Valentine’s Day gifts for your secret pal or office buddy:

Gift for February Birthday

Photo by Seth Smoot (

Visit Simply Sublime for more great DIY ideas like this one.

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Cupcakes for January Gift Basket

melting snowmen cupcakes January gift for secret pal office buddies teacher gift present

Image: Cake Central

I’ve noticed that traffic to Secret Pal Teachers typically slows down quite a bit after the holidays. So from now on, I’ll be posting once a month instead of once a week.

There are lots of great Secret Pal ideas in the archives though, so be sure and come back to search for gift cards, bag and box patterns, and, of course, more gift ideas, whenever you’re in need of a gift for your Secret Pal or Office Buddy.

For January’s gift idea, how about these “melting” snowman cupcakes? This idea comes from Cake Central, where you can find some pretty amazing cake-making ideas. I stumbled across it via Pinterest though.

I can imagine filling a gift basket with Easter “grass” and plunking these guys on top of the greenery. Then maybe tape a little orange cardstock “sun” to the basket’s handle, to show that the snowmen are melting. How cute would that be?

In January, we all need a little sunshine, right?! ;)

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Holiday Cupcakes for Your Secret Santa or Silly Santa

Check out these holiday cupcakes from (I found them on Pinterest):

Wouldn’t these be great for your Secret Santa reveal party? That’s what I was thinking!

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Secret Santa or Silly Santa Reveal Poem

As Christmas day is just two weeks away, I thought it would be a good idea to offer a “reveal” poem. Now, if you’re new to Secret Santa/Silly Santa, you may not know what people are talking about when they say, “We’re going to meet for our big REVEAL” on Friday this week” (or whenever). Some Secret Santa or Silly Santa groups will go whole-hog on the big reveal, giving their Secret Santa a gift with a value of $20 or more. For other groups, it’s more important that you be clever about your “reveal” rather than spendy.

Either way, the poem I’ve posted below could be just what you need the day of the big reveal, although if your final gift is supposed to be a spendy one, you’ll need to attach the poem to a nice gift (like a CD of Christmas music or a Hickory Farms treat box or something like that).

What most groups do for their big reveal is meet somewhere (like a break room, staff room, or downtown at a coffee shop) to reveal who had whose name all through the Secret Santa / Silly Santa event. This means it’s the end of your Secret Santa / Silly Santa exchange, but it’s exciting to finally meet the person who was your Secret Santa / Silly Santa.

With that explained, here’s the poem I recommend for your big reveal gift:

Secret Santa Reveal Poem

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