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#SecretPal #Gift Ideas for a Man: home-made bread

Image shows five different kind of bread superimposed on one another.

Image: iClipart

Home-made bread is the all-time best secret pal gift idea for a man. What man doesn’t love a loaf of home-baked bread?

Okay, granted some men may be diabetic and/or on a low-carb diet. Do a little homework to make sure that isn’t the case before you place that yummy-smelling home-made bread on his desk in his cubicle. If you find that’s the case, maybe go with a Hickory Farms cheese sampler or something like that.

However most men really love a loaf of home-made bread.

If you’re not a confident baker, just go to the frozen foods aisle at your grocery store and buy the frozen loaf of ready-to-rise bread. Allow it to thaw and rise before baking it, following all the directions on the package. Show up at work the next day with that yummy, fresh-smelling bread under one arm and a from-your-secret-pal gift card in your hand.

Please note that although my posts only happen once a month most of the year, these posts occur weekly during the holidays, when it’s “Secret Santa” season, so it’s a good idea to bookmark this website for later reference.

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#SecretPal #Birthday Card and #Poem (Free) @

Here’s a generic Secret Pal birthday card. It’s free to print, as it’s my own design. My only request? Please like it on Facebook, add a link from your blog, pin it on Pinterest (with info about where it came from), and/or promote my website in some other way that suits you. Thanks!

free printable pdf birthday poem quote card from secret pal

Image: My Own Creation

p.s. This is a re-post.

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#ReGift guidelines for #SecretPal #GiftIdeas

regift-guyWhat do you give your secret pal to bring in the new year, once you get back from Christmas break? There’s nothing wrong with re-gifting something you didn’t want, as long as it’s something you think they might actually use.

You know that pair of wool socks that Grandma knitted even though you’re allergic to wool? How about those? Or the DVD  you already owned–but Aunt Bonnie bought you another copy of it, because she knew you loved that movie… How about that?

Of course there are some no-nos. Never–and I mean NEVER–re-gift fruitcake. That’s just mean! Don’t give away things that might have your name on it either–that one’s a no-brainer (i.e. hand towels with your initials embroidered on them).

And because your secret pal is supposed to remain a secret, be sure you don’t re-gift something that might give away your identity. Here’s what I mean: your spouse works at the animal shelter, and every year as a Christmas bonus, the employees at the animal shelter get T-shirts with the name of the animal shelter emblazoned on them.  Yeah. That’s going to be a dead give-away, since your secret pal knows which of his/her co-workers has a spouse who works at the animal shelter.

Third, don’t re-gift anything too Christmassy, like snow globes or ornaments or candy canes. I mean, heck, Christmas is over, right? How tacky is that?

But these are a few things you should be able to re-gift without too much trouble:

  • scarves/mittens/hats
  • lotions/bath salts/bubble bath
  • kitchen towels/dishes/coffee cups (as long as they aren’t decorated with Christmas themes)
  • art kits/craft projects (as long as your secret pal likes that sort of thing)
  • garlic press/kitchen utensils
  • a mousepad/a desk organizer/sticky notes
  • movies you’re not interested in watching or already own (keep them unopened)
  • alarm clocks/kitchen clocks/egg timers

Avoid re-gifting items that are too expensive to buy for your secret pal though. So don’t re-gift electronics. Remember, most secret pal programs suggest you keep your gifts in the five- to ten-dollar range. You can go online to figure out what your item most likely cost the original gift giver, and don’t re-gift it if you discover it was worth $30 or more brand new.

In closing, let me state that I’ll be making posts once a month from now on, since Christmas is over. That way you don’t have to un-follow this blog if your own Secret Santa program has ended. My monthly gift ideas usually center around holidays and events like Secretary Day and Mother’s Day, so posts should remain relevant.

Happy 2017 everyone!

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DIY #ornament makes a great #SecretSanta or #SillySanta gift w/ free pattern @

In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, here’s a link to the pattern you’ll need for making this adorable holiday ornament. As I said before, this ornament looks complicated, but really it’s not! My girls, ages 13 and 16 even said it looked a lot harder than it really was. (We’ve made a half dozen or so of them this holiday season.)

Remember, if you love my free poems and craft projects for Secret Santa or Silly Santa, please show your appreciation by sharing this video on social media! Thanks, and happy holidays!


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Free Pattern for Easy #DIY Quilted #Ornament #SecretSanta Gift @

Free printable sewing pattern for a holiday tree ornament that looks like it's quilted but is really a no-sew DIY project using a styrofoam ball, straight pins, and squares of fabric. The pattern offers a website where the matching tutorial can be found:

Next week I’ll post the tutorial showing you how to make this easy, no-sew holiday ornament. The blue and white one makes a great ornament for friends or family members who celebrate Hanukkah.

My brother-in-law is Jewish, so my sister’s family has a tree but also a Menorah. I put together the blue ornament as a holiday gift for us to give my brother-in-law when we all get together for the holidays. It honors his Jewish heritage with the blue and white colors of the flag of Israel (which are also the colors commonly associated with Hanukkah), but it can also hang from their family’s Christmas tree, honoring the religious beliefs of both sides of the family.

Unfortunately the star at the center of the quilted holiday ornament is not a true “Star of David,” like one finds in the center of the flag of Israel. So don’t be confused by that. The Star of David has only six points; whereas these ornaments’ stars have eight points.

I suppose you could try to alter the pattern for a six-pointed star, but that might be tricky. If you’re going to try that route, please leave a comment, letting me know how you accomplished it and how the end result fared.

If you’re looking for a Christmas tree ornament, of course, you can’t go wrong with this nifty ornament in red, green, white, and/or gold. In a hurry to create your ornament? The video tutorial for making this holiday ornament will post earlier on and my YouTube channel than here. Navigate to those locations to make your ornament early.

This is my last post before Christmas, so you may want to see my Secret Santa reveal poem again before it’s all over. Just click that link to find the poem I’ve posted in years past.

Remember, it’s always friendly and kind to pin, like, or tweet about my creations. That helps spread the word that my websites exist. So if you enjoyed using my Secret Santa poems, projects, and patterns this year, please show your appreciation by pinning, liking, or tweeting about them. Thanks!

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More #holiday #poetry for your #SecretSanta @

Visit for free, printable Secret Santa Poems.  Image shows a bookmark with a tiny tree at the top and a poem about a Christmas tree ornament at the bottom. Poem is cute but not hilarious. It rhymes nicely and would go well with a Christmas tree ornament.

Visit for free, printable Secret Santa Poems.

Here’s yet another Secret Santa poem. Again, this one goes great with a Christmas tree ornament or decorations for the home.

Print it exactly as it is, and it will make a great bookmark for a holiday book gift as well.

If you’re enjoying my free, printable poetry for Secret Santa/Silly Santa, please show your appreciation by doing one of the following:  pinlike, or tweet about my free Secret Santa poems and goodies.


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Give this #Poem to your #SecretSanta with a #TreeOrnament. WebSite:

Visit for more Secret Santa poems and gift ideas.

Visit for more Secret Santa poems and gift ideas.

This Secret Santa poem is designed to go with a Christmas tree ornament or other holiday decoration.

More themed poetry is waiting to be posted, so please follow my blog or Twitter feed.

Please show your appreciation by taking the time to pinlike, or tweet about my free Secret Santa poems and goodies.

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#Funny #Poem for #SecretSanta @

Visit for more free Secret Santa Poems and gift ideas. The image is a printable poem that goes with any gift.

Visit for more free Secret Santa Poems and gift ideas.

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Generic #SecretSanta #Poetry is FREE @

Visit for more Secret Santa poetry and gift ideas.

Visit for more Secret Santa poetry and gift ideas.

I wrote this poem with a generic theme, so it can easily go with just about any gift. It’s short, simple, and goes with anything.

More poetry is on its way. Please show your appreciation by taking the time to pinlike, or tweet about my free Secret Santa poems and goodies. Thanks!

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Another free #SecretSanta/#SillySanta #poem @

Visit for free printable poems and other Secret Santa gift ideas. Poem is affixed to the image of a sun on a yellow background.

Visit for free printable poems and other Secret Santa gift ideas.

Here’s the Secret Santa poem that accompanies my cupcake topper from last week. The idea is simple; bake a cupcake (or a bunch of them) and stick the cupcake topper into the cupcakes with the topper taped to a toothpick. Include this poem with it, and shazaam! You’ve got a sunny, happy Secret Santa gift!

More themed poetry is yet to come. Please show your appreciation by taking the time to pinlike, or tweet about my free Secret Santa poems and goodies.

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