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A Cheap but Fun Gift for Secret Santa

on December 6, 2011

Have you seen these adorable chocolates from Lindt? For this week’s creative and super-inexpensive Secret Santa gift, I bought two of these chocolate sleigh sets from Lindt. I’m going to pack two reindeer in a gift bag at a time along with a clever poem I’ve written.

The gift bags were absolutely free, because I made them. Click here for the pattern. To make one, you just trace the pattern onto the back of the picture-part of your old Christmas card, cut, fold, and tape the tiny little bag together. Here are all the things you’ll need:

  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • The pattern
  • Marker or pencil for tracing
  • Old Christmas cards
  • An exacto knife or craft knife (for cutting out the center of the handles)
  • Lindt Chocolate Santa Sleigh x 2
  • Cutting boardinstructions for making your own gift bags

If you need detailed instructions, please look back at Monday’s post. I wrote out the instructions there in detail.

Once I’ve stuffed my little gift bag with foil-wrapped reindeer, I’m going to insert a poem. (I did this yesterday too, so you’ll want to look back at previous posts to access that.) Today’s poem will be:

Now you’ve got

Two reindeer more

Prancer and Vixen

Make a total of four

I’ve written a brief snippet for each reindeer plus Santa. So on Monday my Secret Santa was given a chocolate Dasher and Dancer; on Tuesday, she’ll get a chocolate Prancer and Vixen, etc… On Friday I’ll be putting one of the Santas in my miniature gift box with a much longer, conclusive poem.

If my scanned pattern is too small to fit your reindeer, try enlarging it on a photocopy machine, but don’t go too big; otherwise, it won’t fit on the inside of the Christmas cards.

One more thing, if you’re an English or reading teacher, you should visit my sister site, English Emporium, where I offer journal writing prompts.


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