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Secret Santa Becomes Politically Correct

on December 9, 2011

This week I’ve been following a theme with my Secret Santa gifts. Every day this week, I stuck two foil-wrapped chocolate reindeer in a home-made gift bag. Well the recipient of these chocolate reindeer has most likely eaten all of these gifts, so who’s going to pull Santa’s sleigh? That’s the theme of the poem for today. (Scroll down for that.)

The gift bags I used for my reindeer were absolutely free, because I made them. Click here for the pattern. To make one, you just trace the pattern onto the back of the picture-part of your old Christmas card, cut, fold, and tape the tiny little bag together. Here are all the things you’ll need:

  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • The pattern
  • Marker or pencil for tracing
  • Old Christmas cards
  • An exacto knife or craft knife (for cutting out the center of the handles)
  • Lindt Chocolate Santa Sleigh x 2
  • Cutting boardinstructions for making your own gift bags

If you need detailed instructions, please look back at Monday’s post. I wrote out the instructions there in detail.

Once I’ve stuffed my little gift bag with one of the two Santas in my Lindt chocolates, I’m going to insert a poem. (I did this all week long, so you’ll want to look back at previous posts to access the poems that came before this one.) Today’s poem will be:

Secret Santa

Is a politically correct elf

When you finally meet me

You’ll surprise yourself!

I can’t drive my sleigh

‘Cause you’ve eaten my deer…

What were you thinking?

Oh well. Be of good cheer!

I’ll round up new reindeer

To replace the old

Named Juan and Enrique

And Alfonso the Bold.

There’ll be Jaqueline and Tina

And Elizabeth too

Because Santa must have

A few women on the crew

Fluffy and Cojo

From Frisco CA

Will ensure equal rights

And that’s all I’m gonna say…

Elmo will light the way

With his big red nose.

Ah heck, at Christmas

Ain’t that always how it goes?

Since today’s gift bag only contains one of the two Santas that came with my Lindt chocolates, I have good news for you… You’ve got to EAT that last chocolate Santa! Bon appetit!

One more thing, if you’re an English or reading teacher, you should visit my sister site, English Emporium, where I offer journal writing prompts.


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