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Recipes with school spirit: a great Christmas gift for a coach or school sports fan!

on December 12, 2011
how do i give an original gift to for a guy male secret santa pal ?

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Whether your secret Santa teacher pal coaches or not, most people have school spirit. Want an easy-to-make gift that shows your school spirit? Create your own recipe cards with school themes.

What’s your school’s mascot? A pirate? A raider? A tiger?

Whatever letter of the alphabet your mascot begins with (i.e. pirate = P, raider = R, tiger = T), choose recipes that begin with that letter. How do you do this? Just look in the index of a Betty Crocker or other cookbook. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • P = paintbrush cookies, palace court salad, pan biscuits, etc..
  • R = radish canapes, raised doughnuts, raisin bread, etc…
  • T = taffy, tamales, tangerine jelly, etc…

Now combine your school mascot with the name of the recipe to create an alliterative title for your recipe cards:

  • Pete the Pirate’s Paintbrush Cookies
  • Rough and Ready Raider Raisin Bread
  • Tasty Tiger Tamales

You can make a whole stack of recipe cards with alliterative titles like this. Print them in Microsoft Word with a picture of your school’s mascot in the corner (use “insert picture”). I recommend using card stock paper, whether you’re making your recipe cards on the computer or by hand. Regular computer paper is too flimsy.

You can wrap them in a festive ribbon or put them in the Christmas-card-box I gave instructions for two weeks ago. Here’s the link to that.

If your secret pal isn’t a coach or sports fan, you can do the same with the word Santa:

  • Santa’s Caesar Salad
  • Reindeer Rye Bread
  • North Pole Nut Bread
  • Snowman Stroganoff

In this case, of course, you’ll want to decorate your Christmas-themed recipe cards with holiday graphics instead of school mascot images. If you want to steal my pre-made holiday recipe cards, here are two links to download those. You’ve got to print them–like I said–on card stock (heavy) paper on both sides. So print page one first, flip it over, then print page two. Or try this: print page one and two on regular paper, cut out the cards, and glue them front-to-back on a piece of card stock that you’ve cut out with zig-zag scissors. That looks nice too.


2 responses to “Recipes with school spirit: a great Christmas gift for a coach or school sports fan!

  1. How about Kris Kringle’s Cranberry Cake? Or Kris Kringle’s Candy Canes?
    Rudolf’s roast turkey
    Prancer’s plum pudding

    How’s that?


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