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Christmas cookies for your secret Santa office pal

on December 14, 2011

home-made gifts for secret santa office gift pal secret friends exchangeRunning out of money for your secret Santa office pal? Bake him/her some cookies!

If you’re not much of a bake chef, try some of these options:

  • buy a Betty Crocker instant cookie mix and follow the directions on the box
  • buy the tube-o-cookies from Pilsbury; cut and bake according to the easy directions
  • buy a cookie tin at your local dollar store and fill it with bakery cookies
  • or do the same with a red or green wicker basket

The container for your cookies can be as decorative as you wish without being too expensive. Party stores sell simple lunch sacks in various colors (sometimes red-and-green or candy cane striped for the holidays). Or like I said above, you can buy a cookie tin at the dollar store this time of year, without any problem. Line it with festive crepe paper or a Christmas kitchen towel.

I’ll be giving my secret Santa pal cookies this week (today most likely), and I plan to put just four small home-made cookies in the same Christmas card boxes that I made for her two weeks ago. Here’s the link to see the instructions for that.

If you want to stretch your cookie-giving gifts for a week, offer a theme:

  1. on day one, offer your secret Santa only one shaker of red candy sprinkles
  2. on day two, give your secret Santa another shaker of green candy sprinkles
  3. on  day three, wrap up a container of Betty Crocker pre-made frosting
  4. on day four, surprise your secret Santa with a box of food coloring
  5. on day five, offer up a basket of Christmas-tree shaped (or star-shaped, or Santa-shaped) pre-baked holiday cookies, ready for decorating

Who doesn’t love to decorate cookies?


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