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The big REVEAL for secret Santa…

on December 15, 2011
creative secret santa present ideas cheap and easy

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Today’s the day I’ll be doing my big REVEAL to my secret Santa person at work. What does this mean to you, my reading audience? Well, for one thing, I’ll be taking a break from my posts until we get back from our holiday vacation. At that point, we’ll be drawing names for a new secret pal project, which may only require participation every Friday. (It depends on what the other teachers vote for.) If we go to a weekly secret pal gift, then I’ll be posting my ideas once a week instead of every weekday. Sorry! I hope that doesn’t disappoint my faithful readers.

What am I giving my secret Santa at the big REVEAL? I’ve got a gift bag with a few goodies inside…

My secret Santa person is an avid reader, so I bought her Debbie Macomber‘s holiday paperback, The Perfect Christmas. When buying a gift for an avid reader, I figured it’s best to choose a book that has positive public appeal, and Macomber is a New York Times bestselling author. It’s also a good idea to buy a book that’s not a classic. My secret Santa person probably already has a copy of Pride and Prejudice, for example, whereas The Perfect Christmas was published in 2009, only three years ago; the paperback came out just this year. (Something newer than 2009 might be an even safer bet though.)

I’ve also purchased a DVD of Christmas music, which is accompanied by peaceful video images of winter scenes. It’s called Winter Serenity, and it’s published by Somerset Entertainment Ltd. I found it in my local grocery/buy-all store, at one of those music kiosks. Watch for these. When they’re ready to rotate their stock, you can buy the CDs for a cheaper price. The cool thing about this “Christmas music” is that you can tootle around your house preparing for Christmas, but in addition to the holiday music that’s playing in the background, you can also see festive winter scenes on your TV screen as you work.

Finally, I’ll be stuffing my secret Santa person’s gift bag with all the leftover goodies I’ve given her throughout the weeks: cookies, chocolates, and even an extra recipe card that didn’t fit in the box with the other recipe cards. If you’d like to see those secret Santa ideas that I came up with earlier in December, just click on the ones that interest you.

Also, if you’re a teacher, remember to visit my educational blog,, where I post my journal questions for langauge arts.

See ya in January!


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