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The Big Reveal–A Silly Poem for My Secret Santa Teacher Pal on the Final Day

on December 16, 2011

Okay, so I said yesterday’s post would be my last for a while. I lied.

I came up with a silly poem to give my secret Santa teacher pal on our final day, and I just thought I’d share that with you before I go on my holiday vacation:

teacher secret pal last day gift or present

Image: iClipart

I’m sure you’re thinking daily

Who sent this stuff to you?

She’s poetic and she’s crafty

Or at least she thinks that’s true


Perhaps you’d like a hint

Perhaps you want a clue

Well brace yourself, it’s coming

That’s what I’m about to do


The first time that I met you

I thought you were a farce

“No one’s that nice,” I said to myself

“She’s faking it, of course.”


How foolish was I, how stupid

To think it wasn’t you

With your sweet smile and clever eyes

And all the kind things you do


You had a secret. I didn’t know

That Jesus was in your heart

Your kindness is a reflection

Of those who stand apart


So now I understand

Your goodness is genuine

I can’t believe I thought you fake

The error is definitely mine


And someday when we’re old and gray

And ready to leave this place

I’ll see you up in heaven

With a genuine smile on your face


Unless they only let Catholics in

In which case I’m outta luck

I’ll wave to you from hell I guess

But that will really suck!


Now, of course, you’ll want to alter some of the words to fit your secret Santa pal. For example, you might want to change “Catholics” to “Baptists” (or whatever religion applies to your secret Pal belongs to). You could even change it to “Unless they only let science teachers in” if the person’s religion is unknown. Also, if the person is not a Christian, just eliminate the “Jesus was in your heart” stanza from the poem, and you’re good to go.

And remember, my sister site is a lot of fun too: English Emporium. It offers free journal topics for teachers.


One response to “The Big Reveal–A Silly Poem for My Secret Santa Teacher Pal on the Final Day

  1. Rosalie Richardson says:

    Thank you! This poem is perfect.

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