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Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

New Year’s Gift for Your Secret Pal

on December 31, 2011
why are black eyed peas associated with the new year ?

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Most people can give their secret pal a mini-bottle of wine, but if your secret pal works at a school with you, there’s a no-alcohol rule, of course. So what do you give your secret pal to bring in the new year, once you get back from Christmas break? Try a re-gift. You know that pair of mittens that Grandma knitted out of wool (and you’re allergic to wool)? How about those? Or the DVD  you already owned–but Aunt Bonnie bought you another copy of it, because she knew you loved that movie… How about that?

Of course there are some no-nos. Never–and I mean NEVER–re-gift fruitcake. That’s just mean. Don’t give away things that might have your name on it either–that one’s a no-brainer (i.e. hand towels with your initials embroidered on them).

And because your secret pal is supposed to remain a secret, be sure you don’t re-gift something that might give away your identity. Here’s what I mean–your spouse works at the animal shelter, and every year as a Christmas bonus, the employees at the animal shelter get some sort of cheesy item with the name of the animal shelter emblazoned on it–like coasters or ball point pens or key chains.  Yeah. That’s going to be a dead give-away, if your secret pal knows which of his/her co-workers has a spouse who works at the animal shelter.

Third, don’t re-gift anything too Christmassy, like snow globes or ornaments or candy canes. I mean, heck, Christmas is over, right? How tacky is that?

But these are a few things you should be able to re-gift without too much trouble:

  • scarves/mittens/hats
  • lotions/bath salts/bubble bath
  • books you’ll never read in a million years
  • kitchen towels/dishes/coffee cups (as long as they aren’t decorated with Christmas themes)
  • art kits/craft projects (as long as your secret pal likes that sort of thing)
  • garlic press/kitchen utensil organizer/can opener
  • a mousepad/a pencil cup/a paperweight/sticky notes
  • movies you’re not interested in watching or already own (keep them unopened)
  • alarm clocks/kitchen clocks/egg timers

Avoid re-gifting items that are too expensive to buy for your secret pal though. So don’t re-gift an iPod or stereo or software. Remember, most secret pal programs suggest you keep your gifts in the five- to ten-dollar range. So go online and figure out what your item most likely cost the original gift giver, and don’t re-gift it if you discover it was worth $30 or more brand new.

In closing, let me state that I’ll be making posts about once a week from now on, since Christmas is over. That’s the new schedule at my work, for our secret pal program. I’ll be giving my secret pal his gift once a week on Fridays. So I’ll probably post once a week from now on. Hopefully my ideas will help. If you come up with something better, feel free to add comments. I’d love that!

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