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A Meaty Treaty for Your Secret Pal (Thanks to Caveman Ingenuity)

on January 16, 2012
secret pals secret mates office secret santa vegetarian vegan

Image: iClipart

Last Friday I gave my Secret Pal teacher friend a package of Old Wisconsin beef sticks. They’re an easy snack to keep in your classroom, because they don’t go bad very quickly at all. A package of beef jerky is another tasty treat for your Secret Pal for the same reason. It has “stay power” (if you can keep your students out of it)!

Now you’ll want to make sure your Secret Pal isn’t a vegetarian, of course. If so, I recommend a different route. Homemade pastries can be a special treat for vegetarians, and you can find vegan mixes in health food stores, if your Secret Pal is really careful about not eating dairy or eggs.

If your Secret Pal is a guy, they’ll probably love a spicier jerky/pepperoni stick, as this is manly food. And let’s face it, guys love anything that’s going to show off their tough side in the staff room. Why? I dunno. I’m a chick, so I don’t get it. I only know my husband will eat anything that even has the word “pepperoni” on the carton, because for some reason he associates this with man stuff.

It must go back to the caveman days:

Caveman: Me make meaty thing. You eat.

Cavewoman: Seriously?

Caveman: Try meat. It good.

Cavewoman: Okay, but it looks a lot like that stuff our chihuahua leaves on the lawn.

Caveman: You eat. You like.

[Cavewoman takes a small nibble.]

Cavewoman: Huh. This isn’t too bad… What did you put in this?

Caveman: Meat. And… other stuff me find.

Alright, so maybe that looks more like a conversation between Hilary Clinton and Cookie Monster, but we all know Cavewomen were the brains of the establishment. Cavemen were just kept around to… uh, open the pickle jars. Right ladies?

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