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Happy Easter for Your Secret Pal at Work

on April 2, 2012
Easter gift for secret pal office friend

Image: iClipart

Trying to think of a good Easter-related gift for your secret pal office/teacher friend? The M&Ms company put out cute bunny-eared M&M candy dispensers this year. What a fun thing to find on your desk at work, right? There are lots of great Easter candies:

  • chocolate bunnies
  • Pez dispensers
  • Easter-egg-shaped Reeses Pieces
  • the traditional Peeps
  • etc…

But you can also give your secret pal bunny ears, a potted plant, or a ready-made Easter basket.

What you need to make your Easter gift especially special, though, is a thoughtful poem. How about this:

Easter candy (or other gift–insert words here)

For my secret pal

Looking forward to Easter Sunday

Walk around

With a smile on your face

Because it’s such a fun day

I know, that’s sort of silly and cheezy, but if your secret pal thinks you wrote it, that makes it special. You can adapt the poem to suit your gift, like this:


For my secret pal

To eat on Easter Sunday

Chew them up

With a smile on your face

Because it’s such a fun day


Bunny ears

For my secret pal

To wear on Easter Sunday

Walk around

With these on your head

And you will have a fun day

Transfer the poem onto a home-made card–in your own handwriting–and your secret pal will certainly think you’re the genius who came up with that little poem. And heck, if you adapt it to whatever gift you’re giving, then you DID come up with that poem, right? So there.


If you’re an English teacher, like me, and you’d like to see all my cool assignments and stuff online, here’s the link to my academic blog. I hope you get something good there.

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