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‘Tis the Season for Gardening Gifts

on April 9, 2012
inexpensive springtime gift

Image: iClipart

This month I’ll be giving my secret teacher pal gardening gifts. It just so happens that my secret pal has a degree in agriculture/horticulture, so gardening-type gifts are right up his alley.

Of course there’s the traditional gift of trowel, transplanter, and cultivator. Here’s a link to a set from Fiskars, the folks who are famous for making nice scissors. But honestly, you can sometimes find these garden tool sets at your local dollar store (if you’re hard up for cash). If you buy a set of three, like this, you can give one the first week, another the second week, and the final tool on the third week–spread them out like that.

The same is true of garden gloves. If you buy a set of three, like you see in this link, you can spread out the gift-giving over the course of three days or weeks.

Some other possibilities include:

  • packages of seeds
  • a gardening hat
  • sunglasses
  • a knee guard pad
  • pots for planting starts
  • potting soil
  • a watering can
  • markers with signs that say “tomatoes” and “onions” and such

So you could fill the entire month of April with these little goodies. Heck, seeds cost next to nothing, so why not include a small pack of seeds with each little gift? Bundle them together with a ribbon or top them off with one of those sticky-backed bows. Put a bunch of things in a plant-start pot. It can look very cute.


If you’re an English teacher, like me, and you’d like to see all my cool assignments and stuff online, here’s the link to my academic blog. I hope you get something good there.

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