Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

This Secret Pal Gift Is For the Birds!

on April 16, 2012
spring gift ideas

Image: iClipart

In conjunction with my April gardening gift ideas, I’m going to give my secret pal some bird-lovers’ gifts. I found this simple window bird feeder at Fred Meyers for eight bucks. That will be the first gift I give my secret pal, with regard to bird feeding.

Then, for the days that follow, I’ll be giving him a few additional bird-related gifts:

1.) The Beginner’s Guide to Bird Feeding by Donald and Lillian Stokes

2.) Cellophane-wrapped bird seed.

3.) A bird-shaped outdoor thermometer.

4.) A hand-painted wooden bird house.

Now the second of these gifts will be something I can spread out over several days’ time. You simply buy a big bag of bird seed for, say, six to ten bucks, at a gardening store. Then get some pretty, decorative cellophane (or tulle) and curling ribbon. Bundle the bird seed into fist-sized bunches and wrap it with curling ribbon. Be sure to put a gift tag on it that says, “birdseed,” so your secret pal doesn’t think it’s for him/her to eat!

And like I said with last week’s gift, you might include some other goodies, like packages of garden seeds or pots for plant starts. That might be a cute way to give your secret pal the birdseed too–inside a plant start pot with a curly ribbon around it and a gift tag explaining what it’s for (to go with the bird feeder you gave as a first gift).

The hand-painted wooden bird house is a fun little gift. You can decorate it with your secret pal’s name, his/her favorite color, or something silly (like camouflage print, if he likes to wear camo or shamrocks if she’s Irish). This makes the gift very special and personal.


If you’re an English teacher, like me, and you’d like to see all my cool assignments and stuff online, here’s the link to my academic blog. I hope you get something good there too.

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