Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

Secret Pal Ideas for July

on July 3, 2012
summer time presents

Image: iClipart

Do you garden? Put together a basket of vegetables for your secret pal/office buddy, fresh from your garden. Everyone loves garden-fresh veggies.

Not a gardener? Bake something special. Summer offers wonderful fresh fruits in the grocery stores. You might want to bake your grandmother’s famous apple pie, cherry tarts, or blackberry cobbler.

What if your secret pal has food allergies or diabetes? There are lots of websites dedicated to publishing recipes for people with special dietary needs. As a person who eats gluten-free, I can tell you that it’s a rare person who attempts to feed me, but when someone does, I truly appreciate the time and effort they put into baking something I could eat.

Here’s a link to my recipe for gluten-free peach cobbler, by the way, if you’re interested.

And for any of you who are school teachers, I’ve re-done my English Emporium website. It’s now a user-friendly English handbook, like the MLA handbook, with quick, easy-to-find grammar rules for kids. Check it out here.

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