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Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

Secret Santa or Silly Santa Reveal Poem

As Christmas day is just one week away, I thought it would be a good idea to offer a “reveal” poem. Now, if you’re new to Secret Santa/Silly Santa, you may not know what people are talking about when they say, “We’re going to meet for our big REVEAL” on Friday this week” (or whenever). Some Secret Santa or Silly Santa groups will go whole-hog on the big reveal, offering a gift of $20 each or more. For other groups, it’s more important that you be clever about your “reveal” rather than spendy.

Either way, the poem I’ve posted below could be just what you need the day of the big reveal, although if your final gift is supposed to be a spendy one, you’ll need to attach the poem to a nice gift (like a CD of Christmas music or a Hickory Farms treat box or something like that).

What most groups do for their big reveal is meet somewhere (like a break room, staff room, or downtown at a coffee shop) to reveal who had whose name all through the Secret Santa / Silly Santa event. This means it’s the end of your Secret Santa / Silly Santa exchange, but it’s exciting to finally meet the person who was your Secret Santa / Silly Santa.

With that explained, here’s the poem I recommend for your big reveal gift:

Secret Santa Reveal Poem

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More Silly Santa Poetry for the Holidays

I’m posting the second of my Secret Santa / Silly Santa poems for holiday gift giving. This one has a very silly, comical theme. Hope you like it. Look back at my last post for a list of ways to use your poems as part of the present exchange for secret pals.

Here’s this week’s humorous Silly Santa poem:

Secret Santa Western Theme Poem

Graphics: iClipart
Poem: Chelly Wood

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A Christmas Poem for Your Secret Santa

What can you do with a Christmas poem? There are lots of things you can do with one. Here are a few ideas:

  • Print it and use the poem as a “sleeve” into which you slip a bag of microwave popcorn (uncooked).
  • Wrap a Hershey bar (those monster-sized ones) in your Christmas poem.
  • Tape it to the front of a Christmas gift bag, with other gifts inside the bag.
  • Leave the poem on your secret Santa’s desk or computer keyboard, along with a simple candy cane.
  • Layer it on top of a tin full of home-made Christmas cookies, as a personal message inside.
  • Slip it inside a Christmas card for your secret Santa.

With that in mind, each of my December posts will be Christmas poems. You may print these, but please note that all of my graphics come from and are therefore copyrighted. I encourage you to get an account with IClipart, as they are the ultimate in graphic design!

And if you have never visited my sister site, cruise on over to English Emporium, where I am the webmaster of an MLA handbook for teens and English language learners. It’s a very useful tool for writers as well!

Here’s my first poem for the month of December:

Christmas Frame Poem 3

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