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What’s a Good 4th of July Gift for My Secret Pal/Office Buddy?

4th of July Gift Present for Secret Pal or Office Friend

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Need an idea that’s quick and easy to do? I made fourth-of-July rice crispy treats for my kids recently. It would also make a great “Secret Pal” treat for your fellow teachers.

To make these, simply follow the directions on the back of a package of Kraft regular-sized marshmallows, except divide the butter and marshmallows equally into three bowls. Add red food coloring to one bowl, blue food coloring to another bowl, and for the third bowl, leave it the regular white color that marshmallows normally have.

After cooking one batch of marshmallows (say, the blue batch for example), mix in your Rice Crispies. Then have a buttered pan ready to fold in your blue marshmallow/crispy mixture (i.e. have it pre-buttered). Flatten and spread the mixture all across the bottom of the pan (I use well-buttered fingers to do this).

Do the same with each color. On the bottom, layer the blue Rice Crispies; next layer the white Rice Crispies; on top, layer the red Rice Crispies.

Once cool, cut the Rice Crispies into two-inch cubes, and your patriotic layering will then become visible. You may wish to poke a toothpick down inside each one, with a US flag design on it. (I’m sure you’ve seen these flag toothpicks; they’re easy to find at any party store.)

Put the Rice Crispy squares on a patriotically-designed paper plate (or one you buy at the dollar store) and cover it with Saran Wrap or cellophane.

Everyone loves Rice Crispy treats! 🙂

As a side note, check out this website which offers a similar recipe for patriotic popcorn balls.

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