Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

Make a Tote Bag for Your Secret Pal

Quick and Easy to Make Crafts for Gift Giving

Image: iClipart

Handbags and carry-all totes are easy-peasy to make and give as gifts. Just look for patterns at your local fabric store and buy a fabric that suits your secret pal. If she loves cats, get kitty-patterned fabric for her bag. If she loves to garden, get a floral print fabric to make her bag. If she’s a music teacher, make one with a music-note lining.

And if she’s a teacher, well, you can always go with the timeless apple pattern.

I once made my daughter a bookbag without even using a pattern. They’re really as simple as they look! But if you’re no seamstress, then maybe your secret pal is. In that case, get her all the goods she needs to make her own bags:

Day 1: the fabric

Day 2: the pattern

Day 3: the accessories (ribbons, thread, buttons if needed)

Heck, you could stretch it out over four or five days, if you include three different kinds of fabric. Just make sure you read the pattern for measurements. (You want to make sure you buy plenty of fabric for the project!)

Happy crafting!

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