Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

Make Christmas Gift Bags Out of Old Christmas Cards–an Easy DIY Secret Santa Project

Every year I post my gift bag pattern, and every year it gets lots of hits. So here it is once again.

You just place the pattern over the top of a colorful old Christmas card from last year, trace, cut, and tape. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

gift bag for Silly Santa presents that are inexpensive

Image: iClipart

Next week I’ll post a picture of a finished DIY gift bag, so you know how it should look when it’s all done.

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Christmas Gift Toppers Take a Rosey Turn: a DIY Paper Rose Gift Topper for Secret Santa

I’ve got another neat image from my Pinterest page. The written instructions for this particular project are found at OwlPrintPanda (Blogspot).

Don’t these paper roses make an incredible Christmas gift topper? And the images make it look so easy! This is a DIY project I’ll definitely be using this year!

paper roses DIY Christmas Gift Topper with written instructions easy DIY

Image: iClipart

FYI: I checked out but found it was written in Chinese. My computer tried to download a translation, but it got locked up. I believe it’s China’s Etsy though, so you may also be able to find this on when they get their translation wrinkled out.

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Secret Santa Sign-Up Form for Teachers

I get lots and lots of hits for my Secret Pal/Secret Santa sign-up sheet form.  So I didn’t think it would hurt to re-post it as we approach the holiday season:

Secret Pal Sign-up Sheet 2

I always appreciate when someone shows their appreciation for my creations by passing this on through social networking. 🙂


Free Printable Christmas Journaling Cards for Your Secret Santa Gift Labels

Again, I’ve been storing up all kinds of goodies on my Pinterest page to share with you at a later date. Here’s a free printable Christmas journaling card set for labeling your Secret Santa gifts in December.

It looks like this one came from so be sure and pay them a visit if you use these printable cards.

The one in the upper right-hand corner might be just perfect for passing out to Secret Santas right before you embark on this year’s Secret Santa fun!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

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