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A DIY Umbrella for Your Secret Pal’s March Gift

DIY umbrella project

Image: iClipart

Next month I’ll be posting an “April Showers” poem and card for the secret pal idea of the month. To set the stage for that spring poem, consider making a DIY umbrella for your secret pal. At this time of year, umbrellas can be found at discount stores, so this could be a relatively inexpensive gift for your secret pal.

I did a little research on Pinterest, and here are some great DIY umbrella ideas that I ran across:

As spring approaches, you can’t go wrong with an umbrella for your secret pal gift. And as I said, watch for next month’s “April Showers” poem and printable card for your secret pal as a clever follow-up!

p.s. If you need the card and poem early, just message me through my “Contact” form page. I’d be happy to send it to you as an attachment!

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