Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

#Snowman #Chocolate Bar for Your #SecretSanta from

Here’s an idea from Jessie at and it’s perfect for a Secret Santa/Silly Santa stocking-stuffer gift:

Image of Hershey bar wrapped in white paper and decorated to resemble a snowman.

Image used with permission from


  1. Wrap a Hershey bar in white paper.
  2. Tie red embroidery floss around it.
  3. Use a hole punch to make black dots for eyes and mouth.
  4. Cut a long triangle from orange paper.
  5. Glue facial features onto paper.
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Bags, Boxes, and Containers for Your #SecretPal /Silly Santa Gifts/ #Halloween #Gift Bags

Gift Box Pattern

Image: iClipart

This is a re-post from last year. Hopefully the links still work. Sorry if there are glitches!

It’s still early! I recommend that you order bags, boxes, and containers online, while there’s still time. Since it’s almost Halloween, I’ve included a gift bag for that upcoming holiday too (although it’s probably too late to order it online–but it might give you some creative ideas).

One of my favorite companies for secret pal gift giving is Current, which is located at on the web (Colorado Springs, CO, in real life). But I’ve done all the necessary bag and box shopping for you, and I’ve got these links to help you find what you need:

Daisy Purse Gift Bags

Cardstock Holiday Treat Boxes

Spendy but Cute Scroll Basket

Snowflake Felt Treat Bags

Christmas Owl Bags

Gable Box Value Pack

Santa Paws Gift Bags for Dogs

Non-holiday Black and White Gift Bag Set

Halloween Felt Owl Gift Bags

Polka Dot Hip Hop Bags

Designed Gift Bags (All-Occasion)

Country Themed Gift Bags

Assorted Solid-Color Gift Bags

That last bunch, the “assorted solid-color gift bags” are something I keep in my classroom for on the spot gift-giving, like when I’m trying to put together a small token of my appreciation for an emergency substitute teacher. I’ll pack it with soda, popcorn, and candy from the teachers’ lounge’s vending machine. Then I’ll throw in a few pens, pencils, and other supplies, so the sub won’t have problems with students who come to class unprepared. I also keep note cards in a secret location in my room so I can say thanks for being my on-the-spot sub.

Well, I do hope these gift bag ideas come in handy for your gift giving this year. If you need more gift ideas, please look back through my old posts. I’ve got bunches of ideas here!

And if you haven’t visited it before, check out my sister blog, English Emporium, which is an online MLA handbook for students grades 6-12.

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Here’s a #BossDay #Poem that’s #Funny for a Workaholic Boss @

Image of male and female in business suits and holding briefcases with cityscape in the background. Facial features are exaggerated for comical effect.

Image: iClipart

Does your boss work too much? Does he have a great sense of humor? If so, I have the perfect Boss’ Day poem for the man or woman in charge:

For a Male Boss:

He’s in my business

He’s having lunch downtown

He’s playin’ Fantasy Football

When no one’s around

At the water cooler

He gets the first drink

‘Cause he’s the boss

No matter what you think

But when everyone else

Goes home for the day

He’s still here working

He has to stay

That’s why they made him

The kahuna grande

‘Cause he works lots of weekends

And comes back every Monday


Or for a female boss:

She’s in my business

She’s having lunch downtown

She’s shopping on Amazon

When no one’s around

At the water cooler

She gets the first drink

‘Cause she’s the boss

No matter what you think

But when everyone else

Goes home for the day

She’s still here working

She has to stay

That’s why they made her

The leader of the band

‘Cause her personality charms us

And she rules with a fair hand

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