Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

Free Printable Cupcake Topper for #SecretSanta or #SillySanta @

Visit for more free printables for Secret Santa  or Silly Santa. Image of bright yellow sun on a soft yellow background. Watercolor.

Visit for more free printables for Secret Santa or Silly Santa.

You might be thinking: “What the–” because a sun seems out-of-place for a Secret Santa gift. However this little printable cupcake topper goes with a very silly winter poem that I will post next week.

Think of it this way; for people who live in Hawaii, a snowman seems sort of out-of-place, right? Well what about wishing someone a sunny Christmas? Is that possible? Of course it is!

The poem I’m planning to post next week will make it all go together nicely.

For now, bake your cupcake gifts, print this little watercolor sun, tape it to a toothpick, and jam the toothpick into your cupcake. Then wait for the poem… It’s coming soon!

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Make a #DIY #Halloween candy bucket for your #SecretPal

Last week I gave you the pattern for my Halloween pumpkin candy bucket. Here’s the tutorial showing you exactly how to make one for your Secret Pal or Secret Santa.

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Create a #JackOLantern #Candy bucket for your #SecretPal w/ this free pattern's free pattern for a tiny cat mask, a miniature jack-o-lantern Halloween candy bucket, and other Halloween accessories. The overlay image shows a Barbie doll wearing a black cat costume, complete with mask, mitten-like paws, a tail, and tights. She wears a one-piece bodysuit of black felt and carries an orange jack-o-lantern candy bucket for trick-or-treating. Written instructions show how many pieces you need to cut, in order to sew these accessories for a Barbie doll halloween costume.

Visit for more Halloween and holiday craft projects and free patterns.

My regular followers may know this, but if you are new to, you may be surprised to learn that in addition to this Secret Santa/Office Pal website, I also run, which offers free, printable sewing patterns for doll clothes.

But I’m posting this pattern because the little Halloween jack-o’-lantern candy bucket is perfect for giving candy to your Secret Pal or Office Buddy. Here’s an image of just the candy bucket by itself:

Free pattern at for this cute jack-o-lantern made of felt

Free pattern at

This week I’m just offering the pattern. Next week, I’ll offer the tutorial for making this adorable jack-o’-lantern candy bag for your Secret Pal in October. So stop by again!

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