Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

#SecretPal #GiftIdeas for #MayDay

Even if you don’t know anything about embroidery, a daisy stitch is a simple and fun stitch that can be used to make a cute card for your Secret Pal or office friend. Just have a look at the tutorial above. How easy is that?

Now consider using yarn and a yarn needle to daisy-stitch a gift card. Inside, you may want to put a little poem for May Day, like this:

Monday, May first

Is the first day of May

As the flowers bloom

Children come out to play

Your Secret Pal

Wishes to say…

Happy May Day


And there you go! It’s as simple as that. Please note that although my posts only happen once a month most of the year, these posts occur weekly during the holidays, when it’s “Secret Santa” season, so it’s a good idea to bookmark this website for later reference.

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