Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

Secret Santa Sign-Up Form for Teachers

I get lots and lots of hits for my Secret Pal/Secret Santa sign-up sheet form.  So I didn’t think it would hurt to re-post it as we approach the holiday season:

Secret Pal Sign-up Sheet 2

I always appreciate when someone shows their appreciation for my creations by passing this on through social networking. 🙂


Secret Pal Sign-Up Form for Teachers

I realize it’s the end of the school year for most of us, but someone recently sent me a message asking me to re-post the sign-up form that I normally post in August (right before school starts). What can I say? I’m happy to help.

Secret Pal Sign-up Sheet 2

For all of you who plan to teach summer school, this is a great way to keep a friendly tone in the staff room during those hot summer months. And remember to check back with Secret Pal Teachers, to see what kinds of gifts I recommend for summer fun!

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A New Year’s Resolution for a Teacher

Freebies for Teachers

Image: iClipart

My book is on the road to publication! YAY! And with this change, I need to downsize some areas of my life and refocus others. Sadly, this website, which averages about 1000 hits per day in December, is not my top site. So just like I did last year, I’m only going to post secret pal ideas and secret pal poems once a month from January through November of 2013. In December of 2013, I’ll go back to posting weekly Secret Santa ideas.

Meanwhile, if you’re a teacher, and you want free worksheets, games, activities, and Powerpoints, visit my more popular website, English Emporium, where I post a weekly freebee for teachers.  I’ll also post news of my book’s publication there, so you’ll be the first to know when it’s available.

If you need a brilliant idea for a secret pal, I’ve got lots of good stuff here. Click on any of my old posts for some fantastic poems, gift ideas, and patterns for gift boxes. You can also message me through this page.

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