Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

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Christmas Poem for Secret Santa First Gift

Images and Poem:

Feel free to print this holiday poem, written by me, to give to your Secret Santa/Secret Pal. It’s a super-neat poem for the start of the Secret Santa gift-giving season. I only ask one thing in return: please pin it on your Pinterest boards, tweet about it, like it on Facebook, or share it through some other social media means. Thanks!

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Christmas Gift Toppers Take a Rosey Turn: a DIY Paper Rose Gift Topper for Secret Santa

I’ve got another neat image from my Pinterest page. The written instructions for this particular project are found at OwlPrintPanda (Blogspot).

Don’t these paper roses make an incredible Christmas gift topper? And the images make it look so easy! This is a DIY project I’ll definitely be using this year!

paper roses DIY Christmas Gift Topper with written instructions easy DIY

Image: iClipart

FYI: I checked out but found it was written in Chinese. My computer tried to download a translation, but it got locked up. I believe it’s China’s Etsy though, so you may also be able to find this on when they get their translation wrinkled out.

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Recipes with school spirit: a great Christmas gift for a coach or school sports fan!

how do i give an original gift to for a guy male secret santa pal ?

Image: iClipart

Whether your secret Santa teacher pal coaches or not, most people have school spirit. Want an easy-to-make gift that shows your school spirit? Create your own recipe cards with school themes.

What’s your school’s mascot? A pirate? A raider? A tiger?

Whatever letter of the alphabet your mascot begins with (i.e. pirate = P, raider = R, tiger = T), choose recipes that begin with that letter. How do you do this? Just look in the index of a Betty Crocker or other cookbook. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • P = paintbrush cookies, palace court salad, pan biscuits, etc..
  • R = radish canapes, raised doughnuts, raisin bread, etc…
  • T = taffy, tamales, tangerine jelly, etc…

Now combine your school mascot with the name of the recipe to create an alliterative title for your recipe cards:

  • Pete the Pirate’s Paintbrush Cookies
  • Rough and Ready Raider Raisin Bread
  • Tasty Tiger Tamales

You can make a whole stack of recipe cards with alliterative titles like this. Print them in Microsoft Word with a picture of your school’s mascot in the corner (use “insert picture”). I recommend using card stock paper, whether you’re making your recipe cards on the computer or by hand. Regular computer paper is too flimsy.

You can wrap them in a festive ribbon or put them in the Christmas-card-box I gave instructions for two weeks ago. Here’s the link to that.

If your secret pal isn’t a coach or sports fan, you can do the same with the word Santa:

  • Santa’s Caesar Salad
  • Reindeer Rye Bread
  • North Pole Nut Bread
  • Snowman Stroganoff

In this case, of course, you’ll want to decorate your Christmas-themed recipe cards with holiday graphics instead of school mascot images. If you want to steal my pre-made holiday recipe cards, here are two links to download those. You’ve got to print them–like I said–on card stock (heavy) paper on both sides. So print page one first, flip it over, then print page two. Or try this: print page one and two on regular paper, cut out the cards, and glue them front-to-back on a piece of card stock that you’ve cut out with zig-zag scissors. That looks nice too.


A miniature box of chocolates for your Secret Santa

Here’s a fun idea for your Secret Santa teacher pals! Build a miniature box out of old Christmas cards, fill it with chocolates, and insert a holiday poem. I’ll give you just what you need, right here in this blog post.

I’m inserting the pattern here as a document. Just download this and you’ll get the idea. First cut the decorative top half off of an old Christmas card, and do the same with a card of similar size. Then fold each piece to form half of a box. Put the bigger half over the top of the smaller one as a lid. You’ll want to tape the corners shut to form your box top and bottom. I’ve taken photos and inserted them here, so you can follow the steps and see how the finished box should look:

Create a gift box from my easy pattern and your old Christmas cards!

What’s needed? Two Christmas cards, scissors, and tape… That’s all!

Some pointers:

  1. Make sure your name isn’t written inside the card, or your role as Secret Santa will be a secret no more!
  2. Be sure the top and bottom pieces are of approximately the same size card. You can trim off excess to make them equal in size, if you need to.
  3. When taping the sides together, be sure and put the tape on the inside, so it looks attractive.
  4. It helps if you score along the fold lines before you fold. (Scoring is where you run your scissors over it lightly, not to cut, but just to create a crease.)
  5. If the boxes are too identical in size, and you find you can’t fit one inside the other, then loosen the tape on one. The looser-taped one will be the lid.

And here’s a little poem you can slip inside the card, once it has been created:

Christmas greetings

Christmas cheer

A tiny box

Of candy’s here

Milk chocolate sweets

To chomp and chew

Holiday treats

From me to you!

One more thing, if you’re an English or reading teacher, you should visit my sister site, English Emporium, where I offer journal writing prompts.