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#SecretPal #Gift Ideas for a Man: home-made bread

Image shows five different kind of bread superimposed on one another.

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Home-made bread is the all-time best secret pal gift idea for a man. What man doesn’t love a loaf of home-baked bread?

Okay, granted some men may be diabetic and/or on a low-carb diet. Do a little homework to make sure that isn’t the case before you place that yummy-smelling home-made bread on his desk in his cubicle. If you find that’s the case, maybe go with a Hickory Farms cheese sampler or something like that.

However most men really love a loaf of home-made bread.

If you’re not a confident baker, just go to the frozen foods aisle at your grocery store and buy the frozen loaf of ready-to-rise bread. Allow it to thaw and rise before baking it, following all the directions on the package. Show up at work the next day with that yummy, fresh-smelling bread under one arm and a from-your-secret-pal gift card in your hand.

Please note that although my posts only happen once a month most of the year, these posts occur weekly during the holidays, when it’s “Secret Santa” season, so it’s a good idea to bookmark this website for later reference.

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Make Sun Cupcakes With Candy Corn

sun cupcakeSo your secret pal teacher friend has been having a tough time getting through his school days?

He needs a little sunshine in his life! Why not make these wonderful sun cupcakes I found on Pinterest? (That link will take you to the right page so you can re-pin, follow, or visit the original designer.)

Here’s a little springtime poem you can include with your cupcake:

When the sky is clear

We know spring is near

May this little sun

Bring you lots of fun

And plenty of springtime cheer

Remember, if you use my stuff, it’s always nice to show your appreciation! Like it. Tweet it. Tell a friend. Thanks!

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Secret Pal Gift Idea: Home-Baked Bread

funny secret pal presents

Image: iClipart

Doesn’t everyone love a fresh loaf of home-baked bread? There are lots of ways to make this easy on yourself though. It doesn’t have to be an all-day chore.

Just go down to the grocery store and buy a loaf of frozen bread. Follow the directions on the package, and voila! You have baked bread for your secret pal.

But if you feel like being fancy, try making a bread braid, and glaze it with egg. Or buy the frozen cinnamon rolls and bake those instead. (My mouth is watering as I type this…Mmmm!) Who could resist it?

To make it really special, you might consider getting up early to bake it right before going to work. Or, if you’re not much of an early riser, bake it the night before and just stick a toothpick in it with a fun cartoon character taped on top. If you know that your secret pal loves Spiderman Comics, print an image of Spiderman on your computer printer, cut it out, and tape it to a toothpick, then stick that into the cinnamon roll or bread loaf.

Everyone else at your office will be envious of your secret pal!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you could even put a Thanksgiving graphic on your bread. Glue an image of a turkey to the outside of your bread sack with a computer-generated message that says “Happy Thanksgiving”.

A cautionary note though: some people have food allergies. Make sure you know whether or not your secret pal has dietary issues. Even diabetics have to be careful not to ingest too much white bread. So ask around. Make sure your secret pal can eat your treat, after all your hard work.

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Secret Pal Ideas for July

summer time presents

Image: iClipart

Do you garden? Put together a basket of vegetables for your secret pal/office buddy, fresh from your garden. Everyone loves garden-fresh veggies.

Not a gardener? Bake something special. Summer offers wonderful fresh fruits in the grocery stores. You might want to bake your grandmother’s famous apple pie, cherry tarts, or blackberry cobbler.

What if your secret pal has food allergies or diabetes? There are lots of websites dedicated to publishing recipes for people with special dietary needs. As a person who eats gluten-free, I can tell you that it’s a rare person who attempts to feed me, but when someone does, I truly appreciate the time and effort they put into baking something I could eat.

Here’s a link to my recipe for gluten-free peach cobbler, by the way, if you’re interested.

And for any of you who are school teachers, I’ve re-done my English Emporium website. It’s now a user-friendly English handbook, like the MLA handbook, with quick, easy-to-find grammar rules for kids. Check it out here.

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What should I give my secret pal for St. Patrick’s Day?

erin go bragh

Image: iClipart

Whether your secret pal is Irish or not, St. Paddy’s Day is a fun holiday to celebrate, with bright green gifts and the good luck that goes with them. Here are some fun gifts you might think about giving your secret pal for this traditional Irish holiday. Click on each gift idea and it will send you to the Amazon page where you can order that item.




Of course you can find a lot of these things in stores, but if you are reading this on the day I’ve posted it, you probably still have time to order a festive gift from Amazon before St. Patrick’s day is upon us. Until then, “Erin go bragh!”

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A Meaty Treaty for Your Secret Pal (Thanks to Caveman Ingenuity)

secret pals secret mates office secret santa vegetarian vegan

Image: iClipart

Last Friday I gave my Secret Pal teacher friend a package of Old Wisconsin beef sticks. They’re an easy snack to keep in your classroom, because they don’t go bad very quickly at all. A package of beef jerky is another tasty treat for your Secret Pal for the same reason. It has “stay power” (if you can keep your students out of it)!

Now you’ll want to make sure your Secret Pal isn’t a vegetarian, of course. If so, I recommend a different route. Homemade pastries can be a special treat for vegetarians, and you can find vegan mixes in health food stores, if your Secret Pal is really careful about not eating dairy or eggs.

If your Secret Pal is a guy, they’ll probably love a spicier jerky/pepperoni stick, as this is manly food. And let’s face it, guys love anything that’s going to show off their tough side in the staff room. Why? I dunno. I’m a chick, so I don’t get it. I only know my husband will eat anything that even has the word “pepperoni” on the carton, because for some reason he associates this with man stuff.

It must go back to the caveman days:

Caveman: Me make meaty thing. You eat.

Cavewoman: Seriously?

Caveman: Try meat. It good.

Cavewoman: Okay, but it looks a lot like that stuff our chihuahua leaves on the lawn.

Caveman: You eat. You like.

[Cavewoman takes a small nibble.]

Cavewoman: Huh. This isn’t too bad… What did you put in this?

Caveman: Meat. And… other stuff me find.

Alright, so maybe that looks more like a conversation between Hilary Clinton and Cookie Monster, but we all know Cavewomen were the brains of the establishment. Cavemen were just kept around to… uh, open the pickle jars. Right ladies?

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