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Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

Free Printable Christmas Journaling Cards for Your Secret Santa Gift Labels

Again, I’ve been storing up all kinds of goodies on my Pinterest page to share with you at a later date. Here’s a free printable Christmas journaling card set for labeling your Secret Santa gifts in December.

It looks like this one came from so be sure and pay them a visit if you use these printable cards.

The one in the upper right-hand corner might be just perfect for passing out to Secret Santas right before you embark on this year’s Secret Santa fun!

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Courtesy of

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Decorate his or her desk with holiday lights

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Want to make a big impression? Decorate your secret pal’s desk with holiday lights!

Just come in after school, ask the custodian to open his/her room for you, and string some holiday lights all around his/her desk. (I recommend you use the kind with an on/off switch, so he/she can turn them on when he/she comes in; or maybe you can show up early for work and have them turned on when your secret pal arrives.) How fun!

  • String twinkle lights around your secret pal’s computer.
  • Line the edges of her desk with them as well.
  • Have them curl around his overhead projector, frame his Smartboard, or top his bulletin boards.

Your secret pal may even leave them up after the holiday season. You can leave a note on your secret pal’s keyboard that says simply, “Your Secret Santa was here!” Or leave a note with a wee little poem inside:

Secret Santa came by today

To light up your holiday!

Hope you like the twinkle lights

When grading papers day and night

This string of lights is yours to take home

Or leave in the classroom ’till the new year’s come

What a festive way to light up your days

And calm the classroom during the holiday craze

If it’s not Christmas time, think of a theme your secret pal might enjoy. Maybe even use lights in your school’s colors. Here are some links to fun twinkle lights available on

If you know your teacher pal loves something in particular, try to search Amazon for lights that match his or her fancy.

One more thing, if you’re an English or reading teacher, you should visit my sister site, English Emporium, where I offer journal writing prompts.

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