Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

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Even if you don’t know anything about embroidery, a daisy stitch is a simple and fun stitch that can be used to make a cute card for your Secret Pal or office friend. Just have a look at the tutorial above. How easy is that?

Now consider using yarn and a yarn needle to daisy-stitch a gift card. Inside, you may want to put a little poem for May Day, like this:

Monday, May first

Is the first day of May

As the flowers bloom

Children come out to play

Your Secret Pal

Wishes to say…

Happy May Day


And there you go! It’s as simple as that. Please note that although my posts only happen once a month most of the year, these posts occur weekly during the holidays, when it’s “Secret Santa” season, so it’s a good idea to bookmark this website for later reference.

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Gardening Accessories for Your Secret Pal (Also Great for Mother’s Day)

Mother's Day gift

Image: iClipart

So this month I’ve been suggesting springtime ideas for the secret pal who loves to garden. In addition to the goodies I’ve already suggested (birdfeeder + birdseed, gardening tools, etc.), here are a few things that I plan to give my secret pal teacher friend this month:

Audubon Society stickers–Teachers can always use stickers as prizes, if not for other things.

A Bird-Shaped Moisture Meter–These devices help you test the moisture of the soil before watering. They’re best for indoor plants, but I suppose they can be used outside as well.

Bird Wind Chimes — It’s possible to find theses at the dollar store, if you’re lucky.

Outdoor Thermometer–I think I mentioned this a couple of posts back, but you can find them very reasonably priced. You can get an ordinary one for your secret pal’s garden, or a decorative one like the bird-shaped one in the link I’ve provided.

As I typed this blog post, I’ve been looking through the bag of goodies I’ve bought. There’s only one thing left to mention: a rain poncho. Those little packaged yellow rain ponchos that people can pack around in their purse–that’s what I’m talking about. It comes in handy in the spring, when a rainstorm can hit unexpectedly. I’m going to include this with my other gardening goodies, in a gift package.

And that’s really all I have for the gardening gifts. I might skip next week’s posting, because honestly, I’ve got enough here to last me into May without any problem.

I hope my ideas are helpful!


If you’re an English teacher, like me, and you’d like to see all my cool assignments and stuff online, here’s the link to my academic blog. I hope you get something good there too.

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