Secret Pal Ideas from Author Chelly Wood

Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

Generic #SecretSanta #Poetry is FREE @

Visit for more Secret Santa poetry and gift ideas.

Visit for more Secret Santa poetry and gift ideas.

I wrote this poem with a generic theme, so it can easily go with just about any gift. It’s short, simple, and goes with anything.

More poetry is on its way. Please show your appreciation by taking the time to pinlike, or tweet about my free Secret Santa poems and goodies. Thanks!

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Printable #SecretSanta #Poem for Your #SecretPal @


Christmas Poem for Secret Santa First Gift

Images and Poem:

Feel free to print this holiday poem, written by me, to give to your Secret Santa/Secret Pal. It’s a super-neat poem for the start of the Secret Santa gift-giving season. I only ask one thing in return: please pin it on your Pinterest boards, tweet about it, like it on Facebook, or share it through some other social media means. Thanks!

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Here’s a #BossDay #Poem that’s #Funny for a Workaholic Boss @

Image of male and female in business suits and holding briefcases with cityscape in the background. Facial features are exaggerated for comical effect.

Image: iClipart

Does your boss work too much? Does he have a great sense of humor? If so, I have the perfect Boss’ Day poem for the man or woman in charge:

For a Male Boss:

He’s in my business

He’s having lunch downtown

He’s playin’ Fantasy Football

When no one’s around

At the water cooler

He gets the first drink

‘Cause he’s the boss

No matter what you think

But when everyone else

Goes home for the day

He’s still here working

He has to stay

That’s why they made him

The kahuna grande

‘Cause he works lots of weekends

And comes back every Monday


Or for a female boss:

She’s in my business

She’s having lunch downtown

She’s shopping on Amazon

When no one’s around

At the water cooler

She gets the first drink

‘Cause she’s the boss

No matter what you think

But when everyone else

Goes home for the day

She’s still here working

She has to stay

That’s why they made her

The leader of the band

‘Cause her personality charms us

And she rules with a fair hand

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Administrative Professional Day #Gift Ideas

Vector image of a house key

Image: iClipart

#Administration #Secretary

What do you give your Administrative Professional (i.e. secretary) on Administrative Professional Day? It needs to be clever, eye-catching, and it should demonstrate how much you appreciate your secretary’s hard work.

A DIY gift is always nice. Why not use “You’re the key to our success” as your theme?

Include a poem:

To our success

You are the key

We’d be locked out

If it weren’t for thee

Your golden wisdom

Turns things around

You can handle

Every problem found

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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Valentine’s Day Poems for Secret Pals

Image of black dog inside a heart-shaped gift box with a parachute attached

Image: iClipart

It’s funny… I googled the heading for this post, and guess what came up… my own blog! I guess the universe is telling me to avoid cheating and write my own damned poem.

So here’s a Valentine’s Day poem for your secret pal:


A paper heart

Framed in lace

Chocolate candy

And a happy face

A big, red ribbon

A card for you

Your secret pal

Works at this zoo too

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Merry Christmas to All You #SecretSantas Out There!

Xmas tree words_composition. Vintage styled illustration, EPS10.I always get lots of followers on my Secret Pal Teachers website during the holidays, but once Secret Santa season is over, my stats go down quite a bit. So as has been my habit in the past, I’ll only be posting once a month after the holiday season comes to a close. That way my faithful Secret Santa followers aren’t inundated with unwanted e-mails from their subscriptions to my blog.

No need to unsubscribe. I’ll keep posts fairly limited until next Christmas. Then, when your office or school starts another Secret Santa program next year, you’ll still be able to easily find this blog and all its great seasonal ideas.

Meanwhile, if you like to sew, my website offers great sewing tutorials. If you teach English or love to write, my English Emporium website offers free writerly tips and English-teacher worksheets. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out those venues. You can google my name, Chelly Wood, to find all the great stuff I offer for free online.

For those of you who do year-long “Secret Pal” gift exchanges at your office, this website will continue to offer you great gift ideas once a month. And of course, you can always search my archives for gifts, cards, poems, and more.

Here’s wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a happy 2015!

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April Showers Poem and Printable Card for Your Secret Pal

I created this card and poem, so you can print it and attach it to a package of Skittles for your secret pal in April. I always appreciate when my readers and followers “like” my freebies and/or link to my blog and/or promote my site in any other way you can. Thanks!

Printable April Card for Secret Pal Gift

Image: My Own Creation

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