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Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

#Reveal #Poem for #SecretSanta is Adaptable for Your #SecretPal at

Please visit for all your secret Santa a Silly Santa gift ideas, patterns, and free poems for the Christmas holidays. Secret Pal Secret Santa Gift Idea Blog for Teachers (The image shows a little Santa reading a poem. It offers the URL: and is titled "Secret Pal Secret Santa Gift Idea Blog.)

Please visit for all your secret Santa a Silly Santa gift ideas, patterns, and free poems for the Christmas holidays.

I came up with a silly poem to give my secret Santa teacher pal on our final day, and I just thought I’d share that with you. But please be aware that you can eliminate the religious stanza to make it more adaptable to your Secret Santa.

I’m sure you’re thinking daily

Who sent this stuff to you?

She’s poetic and she’s crafty

Or at least she thinks that’s true


Perhaps you’d like a hint

Perhaps you want a clue

Well brace yourself, it’s coming

That’s what I’m about to do


The first time that I met you

I thought you were a farce

“No one’s that nice,” I said to myself

“She’s faking it, of course.”


How foolish was I, how stupid

To think it wasn’t you

With your sweet smile and clever eyes

And all the kind things you do


You had a secret. I didn’t know

That Jesus was in your heart

Your kindness is a reflection

Of those who stand apart


So now I understand

Your goodness is genuine

I can’t believe I thought you fake

The error is definitely mine


And someday when we’re old and gray

And ready to leave this place

I’ll see you up in heaven

With a genuine smile on your face


Unless they only let Catholics in

In which case I’m outta luck

I’ll wave to you from hell I guess

But that will really suck!


Now, of course, you’ll want to alter some of the words to fit your secret Santa pal. For example, you might want to change “Catholics” to “Baptists” (or whatever religion applies to your secret Pal belongs to). You could even change it to “Unless they only let science teachers in” if the person’s religion is unknown. Also, if the person is not a Christian, just eliminate the “Jesus was in your heart” stanza from the poem, and you’re good to go.

And remember, my sister site is a lot of fun too: It offers free, printable doll clothes patterns for anyone who enjoys sewing.

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#FREE #Pattern for #SecretSanta #GiftBag @

Yesterday I gave you my pattern for a gift bag, but how do you put it together? The image above shows the gift bag in all its stages, so you can easily cut yours out and put it together.

If you also sew, remember that I have hundreds of free doll clothes patterns on my other website,

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Make a Tiny #Christmas Stocking for your #SecretSanta or #SillySanta w/ Free Pattern at


In addition to this Secret Santa blog, I also run, which offers free, printable sewing patterns for doll clothes and doll accessories. This year, for the holidays, is offering this free pattern for a miniature Christmas stocking. So I thought, “Hey! I should share this with my Secret Santa followers too!”

This sewing tutorial shows you exactly how to make the little holiday stockings. Even if you don’t sew, this is an easy project to make. You could probably even use felt and hot glue. (But my tutorial shows you how to make them with a needle and thread.)

Here’s where you need to go, to download the free pattern at

These Barbie-doll-sized stockings would be great to stuff with a simple candy cane, M&M’s, or one of my Christmas poems. So be sure and check back here next week to see the tutorial.

And just for good measure, here’s a poem you can include in your stocking with some blue M&M’s:


This stocking is red

The M&M’s are blue

Secret Santa is sweet

To someone like you

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#Snowman #Poem for Your #SillySanta Is FREE and Printable @

Image of snowman with rhyming poem to accompany an edible snowman (like a cookie shaped like a snowman). Poem ends with the line, "I'm Secret Santa, I work here too."

If you print my free poems, please like them, pin them, or tweet about them to show your appreciation. Thanks!

In case you just joined us, last week I offered links to lots of gift ideas for edible snowmen. You might look back at yesterday’s post for a snowman to accompany your poem.

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Make a Marshmallow #Snowman for Your #SecretSanta #Gifts @



Image of whimsical snowman made of marshmallows with round candy eyes and candy cane arms and a red rope for a scarf and cinnamon buttons.

Image: iClipart


There are plenty of ideas for making an edible snowman on the web, but just to make it easy for my followers, I’ve created a bunch of helpful links to various edible snowmen:

Melted Snowman Oreo Cookie Ball Recipe from Cookies and Cups

Snowman Sugar Cookies Made to Order from BakeMePretty on Etsy

Snowman Cookie Idea from Ingredients, Inc.

Powdered Donut Snowmen from The Celebration Shoppe

And here’s a link to my “Fun With Food” Pinterest page, which has a bunch of marshmallow snowmen ideas, like the one pictured above.

Later I’ll offer the perfect “Tasty Snowman” poem to accompany your Secret Santa snowman gifts, so check back with me in another week for the follow-up!

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#GiftIdeas: Make a #Quilt Ornament as a #Secret Santa Gift @

The FREE printable no-sew ornament pattern is available at:

You can download the pattern and cut out a bunch of fabric squares. As you see in the video, you would use straight pins to poke the squares into a Styrofoam ball. Then just turn each square into triangles (shown in the video) and pin them down in layers.

It’s a fairly simple project to make, and what secret Santa would love to get one of these in their stocking?

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#SecretSanta Sign-Up Sheet for #Teachers

I get lots and lots of visitors to this blog for my Secret Pal/Secret Santa sign-up sheet form.  So I didn’t think it would hurt to re-post it as we approach the holiday season:

Secret Pal Sign-up Sheet 2

I always appreciate when someone shows their appreciation for my creations by passing this on through social networking. 🙂 Please feel free to tweet it, pin it, re-blog it, or link to it in any way.

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DIY #ornament makes a great #SecretSanta or #SillySanta gift w/ free pattern @

In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, here’s a link to the pattern you’ll need for making this adorable holiday ornament. As I said before, this ornament looks complicated, but really it’s not! My girls, ages 13 and 16 even said it looked a lot harder than it really was. (We’ve made a half dozen or so of them this holiday season.)

Remember, if you love my free poems and craft projects for Secret Santa or Silly Santa, please show your appreciation by sharing this video on social media! Thanks, and happy holidays!


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#Funny #Poem for #SecretSanta @

Visit for more free Secret Santa Poems and gift ideas. The image is a printable poem that goes with any gift.

Visit for more free Secret Santa Poems and gift ideas.

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Generic #SecretSanta #Poetry is FREE @

Visit for more Secret Santa poetry and gift ideas.

Visit for more Secret Santa poetry and gift ideas.

I wrote this poem with a generic theme, so it can easily go with just about any gift. It’s short, simple, and goes with anything.

More poetry is on its way. Please show your appreciation by taking the time to pinlike, or tweet about my free Secret Santa poems and goodies. Thanks!

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