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Need an idea for your secret pal's next gift? Here you go!

Heart Pincushions for February’s Secret Pal Gift (Great for Valentine’s Day)

This is another image I ran across on Pinterest, but it originally came from an article in Country Living magazine. That link will provide you with the instructions for creating these cute little Valentine’s Day gifts for your secret pal or office buddy:

Gift for February Birthday

Photo by Seth Smoot (

Visit Simply Sublime for more great DIY ideas like this one.

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Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Secret Pal Teacher Friend

Secret Friend Valentine's Day Poem

Image: Pinterest

Just as with last month’s post, I ran across this clever gift-giving idea on Pineterest, so I thought I’d share. Valentine’s Day gifts for the secret pal need to be clever but not-so-romantic. Here’s just the “tool” for you.

A person could choose teacher-y stuff to put in the cellophane instead, of course: erasers, pencils, Oriental Trade prizes, colorful paper clips, or sticky notes. I’m assuming you just make these gifts with the following:

  • cellophane wrap (12 inches x 12 inches, approx. depending on the size of your shovel)
  • curling ribbon
  • candy or prizes
  • I Dig Your Style Valentine Labels (click to download)
  • plastic shovel


  1. Lay the cellophane on a flat surface.
  2. Place the shovel over the top of the cellophane with its scoop in the center.
  3. Fill the scoop with the gift of choice (candy or prizes).
  4. Gather the cellophane around the handle and tie it off with curling ribbon.
  5. Glue or tape the label to the front.

I’ve included a Valentine’s Day label that you can easily download and print right here. (See link above.) On that document, I made two possible labels, so you can choose which one suits your secret pal best.

Happy Valentine’s Day! And remember, please show your appreciation for my freebies by “liking” this page, sharing it with others, and/or posting links from your blog to mine. Thanks!

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A Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Secret Pal

Everyone loves popcorn. But did you know that a mail-order card company called Current offers a Valentine’s Day microwave popcorn bag with a teacherly message on it? That’s what I’m giving my Teacher Secret Pal this Friday, for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a link: click here.

If your secret pal isn’t a teacher, here’s a link to a paper valentine sleeve that works with any brand of popcorn: click here.

Of course, if you’re short on time–worried your order won’t come in the mail in time for Valentine’s Day, why not wrap your own microwave popcorn bag in a colorful, home-made valentine? Just download a clever retro clipart like this one, add a friendly message in your own handwriting, and wrap it around a bag of microwave popcorn:

Valentine's Day secret pal gift ideas easy fast for teachers male teacher

Image: iClipart

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